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Characteristics and uses of pad printing rubber head

 The pad printing rubber head is a two-component compound. The vulcanization reaction is carried out at room temperature. The base material is composed of double-hydroxy-terminated polysiloxane, a reinforcing agent (silica plasticizer), etc.; the curing agent is composed of Composition of polysilicate. The two groups of compounds cross-link in the presence of catalysts to form flexible elastomers. The vulcanized pad printing rubber head has the following characteristics:
  1.Room temperature vulcanization, no heat, good dimensional stability, bright gloss.
  2.It has good variable characteristics and mold release, and good fluidity.
  3.Good elasticity, high tear resistance, different hardness varieties can adapt to various applications without deformation and easy demoulding.
  4. Easy to operate, easy to use, and the curing cycle can be adjusted within a certain range

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