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  • silicone pad for pad printer
silicone pad for pad printer

silicone pad for pad printer

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  Pads are a formulation of a silicone base material, silicone oil, and a catalyst.The amount of oil determines how hard the finished pad will be. The more oil,the softer the pad. DSTAR can have anywhere from a few dozen to a couple of hundred shapes and sizes of pads in varying hardness.
  Size, shape and hardness are the three most important considerations in choosing a pad for a given application. Size is determined by the size of the image to be printed, and by the size of the machine. Measuring the image diagonally,the pad should be 20% larger to prevent image distortion. The machine needs to be able to compress the pad far enough to pick up and transfer the entire imagein an even motion. In addition, the pad must not interfere with the ink cup or other parts, and it must not roll off the edges of the cliché during image pick up