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  • exposure machine
exposure machine

exposure machine

  • Product No.:2020491495
  • Model:DX-E7090
  • Brand:DSTAR
  • Certification:CE
  • Voltage:220V
  • Origin:Shenzhen,China
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 DX-E17090 large size high quality exposure machine with vacuum
Model DX-E7090 DX-E90120 DX-E12150
Platform size 70*90cm 90*120cm 120*150cm
Max exposure size 50*70cm 70*100cm 100*130cm
Power 2.7 kw 3 kw 3 kw
Dimension 70*90*85cm 90*120*85cm  120*150*85cm 
Weight  70kg 90kg   120kg

Exposure machine is mainly used to make a printing plate (PS plate, screen plate, etc.) a kind of contact exposure imaging equipment, using pressure to make the original plate closely adhere to the photosensitive plate, so as to accurately expose the image on the original plate through photochemical reaction made on photosensitive plate.
exposure machine
exposure machine lamp